If you think I’m rude on Tumblr, well too bad. I’m sorry to say that, but if you’re already controlling what I jack off to, demanding to know everything about a girl who walks through that door(and out), controlling the way I get angry at you, controlling every argument, controlling basically the way this relationship is when we have our chances to be alone(like in the movie theatre with your cousins), and controlling who I talk to, you’re not going to control my speech. I will talk how I want to talk. I will express how I feel when I want to. And I will control what makes me happy.

You’ve taken away so many people that used to be in my life. You’ve taken away elementary school friendships away. You’ve diminished preschool friendships. You’ve burned down high school freshmen year friendships. You’ve demolished way too many friendships. And all those people you have taken away from my life, are now gone. All I have are memories. And I know, they disagree with you.

The fact that you have the power is the reason why the elected you.
Congratulations President Retamar.
The power, the control, the will, and the force to do anything.
You have the anger, you have the words, you have the control.

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You, Sydney, hurt me.
You hurt me yesterday.
Telling me I’m never there for you.
Telling me I don’t give make to this relationship.
When something goes wrong Sydney, I try to always be there.
And to the best of my ability to explain, I feel like you take advantage of that. Giving me attitude and you tell me you’re not, when you are. (There I said it, “attitude”) I hate telling you that. Especially since opening up to you never helps.
I’ll write about that again when it happens and I feel the mood to write again.

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I put in this relationship so much.
When something’s wrong, I’m always out there trying to do my best. When I’m not there for you for one time, everything falls. Notice when you’re mad I’m always there trying to help, but you’re not accepting it so you won’t take in accounting the help I’ve given you.

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With all do respect,

I’d have sex with you, because you’re more than just special.

You’re worth it.

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